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Dealix’s Used Car Advertising Program is the easiest and most cost effective solution in the industry. Our performance-based business model is simple, with no up-front subscription fees or long contracts. And with over 22 million unique car buyers a month we can connect you with more in-market car shoppers than any other advertising partner.

What You Get:

Be Everywhere Online Used Car Buyers Are

Gain a Competitive Edge Showcasing Your Inventory to the Largest Network of Car Buyers

If you think you have all of your online advertising covered, consider this: Without the Dealix Used Cars Network, you could be missing nearly 1 out of every 3 online car buyers.

Our Used Cars Advert sting Program can connect you with more in-market car buyers than any other online adverting partner. With exposure to over 22 million unique car buyers a month (nationwide), we have 2 times the reach of Autotrader and combined, and over 3 times the reach of

Compete on a Level Playing Field


Get Fair Inventory Opportunities Because We don’t Play Favorites

It can be hard on your wallet when you have to outspend your competition to get preferred exposure on other car sites. Playing favorites to the highest bidder just isn’t our style. plays it fair, with search results that list your inventory based on how relevant it is to the shopper. Subsequent sorting of search results is also controlled by the shopper, providing the best possible consumer experience.

Enjoy Freedom from Up-Front Costs, Subscription Fees and Long Contracts


Improve Your Return on Investment – Significantly

Our pay-for-performance business model is simply. With no up-front costs, monthly subscriptions fees, or lengthy contracts, adding Dealix to your advertising mix is smart business.

When you compare the cost of our Used Cars Advertising Program with that or our competitors, your investment in buyer consideration is mere pennies for a listing in search results, and typically no more than 0.50 cents for a Vehicle Details Page View.

And if that isn’t enough, the total monthly spend of an average dealer is in the hundreds of dollars compared to thousands of dollars with our competitors.

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Control Your Online Advertising Spend

Focus Your Marketing to Serious In-Market Buyers – We Guarantee it with Our Quality PledgeTM We understand that it’s vital to your business to be able to predict and manage your costs associated with advertising programs. We offer the ability to set specific monthly budgets and manage your lead flow throughout the month, allowing you to maximize the productivity of your available sales and marketing resources.

Our pay for performance business model means that you only pay for real sales opportunities.

We back each lead with our Quality Pledge™, pledging that every lead will:

  • Are looking to purchase in the next 90 to 120 days
  • Provide you with valid contact information
  • Have not already contacted or visited you in the last 30 days

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It can be hard on your wallet when you have to outspend your competition to get preferred exposure on other car sites. Playing favorites to the highest bidder just isn’t our style.


Connecting Dealers and Consumers

One of the first used car search engines, connects consumers with one of the largest inventory of used cars nationwide and the top car dealers in the country.

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Additional Info About

Dealers and auto manufacturers know that car buyers rely on independent auto sites when making key purchasing decisions on their next vehicle, including which make and model to buy and where to buy. From the automotive channels on large portals to specialty car buying sites, dealers need a streamlined solution to connect with in-market buyers across these independent sites.

Since 1998, Dealix has been the leader in connecting dealers with online car buyers, delivering over 348,000 new car sales leads monthly to dealers and OEMs. Dealix, through its flagship used car buying site,, and the Dealix Network, has become an industry leader in delivering high quality used car sales leads to dealers.

our promise – The Dealix Quality Pledge

Dealix has one goal: To connect dealers with serious, motivated car buyers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The Dealix Quality Pledge™ is a promise to dealers that we will replace any lead that does not have the opportunity to be turned into a sale.

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The Quality Pledge

Dealix pledges that every lead will:

  • Have a working phone number for the person who submitted the lead OR in the case of chat leads have a working phone number or email address.
  • Represent an active, in-market consumer.
  • Originate from an adult who is 18 years of age or older.
  • Not be a duplicate of a lead provided by Dealix in the last 30 days.
  • Not be a duplicate of a lead previously delivered by a source other than Dealix in the last 30 days.

If a lead does not meet one of these criteria, it can be returned – hassle free – and, whenever possible, will be replaced with a new lead.

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