Quality you can trust. We guarantee it with our Quality Pledge™


Dealix has one goal: To connect dealers with serious, motivated car buyers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The Dealix Quality Pledge™ is a promise to dealers that we will replace any lead that does not have the opportunity to be turned into a sale.

Dealix invests more than any other provider in it’s lead supply platform. These investments are continual and allow us to make the commitment to our dealers to only provide them with leads that are contactable, in the market to buy and not a duplicate. We also go one step further: if a lead does not meet our stringent quality criteria, we provide easy tools for immediate replacement of that lead, whenever possible, to allow you to sell more cars.

How can we make this pledge? By giving our dealers the best lead supply through our partnerships, by investing in the most technologically-advanced lead platform, and by using our 15-plus years of expertise as the largest provider in the leads business.

What Is the Pledge:

Our promise to you.


Only Dealix provides a Quality Pledge for each and every opportunity we send. For full details, learn more below:

The Quality Pledge

Dealix pledges that every lead will:

  • Have a working phone number for the person who submitted the lead.
  • Represent an active, in-market consumer.
  • Originate from an adult who is 18 years of age or older.
  • Not be a duplicate of a lead provided by Dealix in the last 30 days.
  • Not be a duplicate of a lead previously delivered by a source other than Dealix in the last 30 days.

If a lead does not meet one of these criteria, it can be returned – hassle free – and, whenever possible, will be replaced with a new lead.

Dealix reserves the right to modify or cancel the Hassle Free Lead Return Program usage for dealers at any time without prior notification.

How Hassle-Free Lead Return Works


The Quality Pledge Lead Criteria

If a dealer identifies a lead that does not conform to Dealix’s quality criteria, the following steps can be taken:

  1. The dealer alerts Dealix through their account pages in the Dealix Dealer Portal.
  2. Leads returned will be reviewed for replacement within five business days.
  3. If a return is not eligible for replacement, the dealer will be notified by email. Our Quality Team will provide the name of the consumer who submitted the lead, who they were able to contact, and who is waiting for the dealer’s call. (In this case, the lead is deemed valid, and it will not be replaced.)
  4. In the event the lead return is validated, a replacement lead is sent to the dealer when possible*.
*In order to replace a lead that doesn’t meet the Quality Pledge criteria, the dealer must be currently participating in the leads program for which the lead was returned and have sufficient budget and vehicle marketing areas to generate the consumer interest for the replacement.

Dealix reserves the right to modify or cancel the Hassle Free Lead Return Program usage for dealers at any time without prior notification.

Best Practices on How to Take Advantage of the Dealix Quality Pledge


The Quality Pledge Lead Criteria

Dealers taking advantage of the Dealix Quality Pledge™ and Hassle Free Lead Return™ are reporting great results with the program in terms of higher efficiencies, more sales, and better ROI. Here are some tips they shared with us:

  1. Work your Dealix leads quickly, upon receipt.
    Dealix is the only provider that offers dealers the ability to immediately replace a lead that does not meet our quality criteria. The sooner we know you have identified a lead that cannot be sold, the sooner we can review it and replace it with a lead you can close this month.
  2. Bookmark the Dealix Dealer Portal.
    The most efficient way dealers can return a lead and get a replacement is by logging into their account in the Dealix Dealer Extranet. Ensuring that each member of your Internet sales team has the Extranet bookmarked and your account login and password information handy will enable them to easily return a lead.

Solving Our Customers’ Problems

The Hassle Free Lead Return™ is an excellent program, although we really haven’t had to use it that often. Dealix has always been far above the competition. But with this guarantee? That puts them way above the others.

– Ricky Lopez, Greenway Dodge