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Targeted Leads Help Jenkins Auto Group Improve Profitability

customer successJenkins Automotive Group has five locations in the state of Florida, and is proud to be one of the premier auto groups in the area. The company’s commitment to customer service is evident from the moment customers walk in the door.

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Our Solutions, Their Words

Everyone we work with at Dealix is quick to answer our calls, or respond to our emails promptly. Most importantly, they all take an active role in the success of our business relationship.
Peter Deiser
Director of Internet Sales
Ed Morse Auto Group
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Customer service from Dealix is fabulous, wonderful. They go beyond what you’d expect, and help us in many aspects of our business. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people.
Angela Strong
eCommerce Director
Ideal Auto Group
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Most of the time, the person is near the bottom of the sales funnel, ready to buy. And believe it or not, other than our own website leads, we make a very decent gross on those vehicles.
Jose Alonso
e-Commerce Director
Jenkins Automotive Group
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The best part about working with Dealix is the people. We work with professional, personable people who provide great customer service. We have great communication with them—and that’s rare among lead providers.
Ryan Green
Internet Sales Manager
Weld County Garage Buick GMC
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Our account manager is on her game. She reaches out to me consistently, making sure we’re still getting good, quality leads and closing them. I really like that one-on-one attention.
Troy Stevenson
Internet Manager
Wesley Chapel Nissan
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More often than not, our closing ratio of Dealix leads is high and we can maximize our gross margins. We’re all looking for the best leads in this business, and when it comes to finding the best leads, Dealix is second only to our website.
Todd Navarro
E-Commerce Director
Horne Kia
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Dealix is the easiest provider to work with, and gives us the most valid leads, which is always an issue for any dealership.
Michelle Kapreilian
Owner & General Manager
Dewitt Motors
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The accuracy of Dealix leads is second to none. We generate a monthly Internet sales report, and Dealix leads are on there a lot more than the others; in fact, if we didn’t have Dealix leads, we would have a low ratio of sales.
Rasha Mulero
Internet Sales Coordinator
Holman Auto Group
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PrecisionTargeting™ allows me to eliminate unwanted market areas and direct my lead purchasing to the exact vehicles I have highest in inventory. PrecisionTargeting™ was simple to implement. I am now focusing my lead buy in the exact areas I want to and getting many more sales opportunities at no extra cost. It's a win win!
Jaime Webber
Client Care Manager
Ray Catena Auto Group
In August of 2011, we received 44 leads from Dealix and closed 7 of them - a ratio of 16. In September, we received 28 Dealix leads and closed 14%. Those numbers are right on pace with our standard Internet close ratio of 15%.
Charles Neff
eSales Manager
Economy Honda
What’s important to us is that we have an efficient and effective partnership with our lead provider. We have a state-of-the-art dealership website, a solid BDC, and best of class processes; but we needed a partner to help us efficiently connect with buyers across the independent Internet, in the most effective way possible.
Frank Sobyak
Internet Business Development Director
Park Place Dealerships of Texas
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One of the biggest factors for independent Internet leads is consistency. Month in and month out, the new and used car leads we receive from Dealix are very consistent, in terms of both volume and quality. You can always expect some small monthly fluctuations, but we have a consistent flow of leads every month from Dealix, and we rely on that for the success of our business.
Hope Roth
Director of Marketing and Advertising
Ingram Park Auto Center
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Dealix is a great low ‐ risk lead provider with their pay ‐ per ‐ lead model and the easy ‐ to ‐ use Hassle Free Lead Return™ program. We are an independent, pre ‐ owned superstore, and the Dealix Network is an excellent way to get our inventory out in front of more buyers than ever before.
Jesie West
Business Development Team
Driver's Way of Pelham
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We are very pleased with the Hassle Free Lead Return™ Program. Because we can get a new lead to replace one we return, the program has resulted in increased sales and a better ROI because our team is working with more good leads every month. The reporting features in the Dealer Extranet are another bonus. They make it very easy to manage the program.
Kelly Heller
Sales Coordinator
Stillman Volvo
ROI is one of the key metrics I use when comparing and choosing lead providers - and when it comes to Dealix, they are the clear winner. I only pay for valid leads, there is no monthly subscription, giving me more control over my budget AND my lead volumes. Lead quality is fantastic which means I'm spending less time chasing down bad leads.
Karan Motwani
Internet Sales Director
Auddie Brown Chevrolet
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The Quality Pledge™ system is working. We trained our entire Internet desk, 14 people, on the program and the documentation that's needed to accompany a disputed lead. At the end of last month, the bill we got from Dealix had absolutely no discrepancies with our books. This is impressive, and it's one reason why we've expanded the business we do with Dealix.
Todd McFarlane
Internet Director
Kendall Automotive Group
We use Dealix's New and Used Car Leads, and last month we closed over 20% with our Dealix leads.The service is great, leads are consistently high quality and close rates are climbing up. Dealix is easy to work with and now with their Hassle Free Lead Return™, they are making it even easier. Thanks Dealix!
Robert Murphy
Internet Sales Manager
Humble Hyundai
Dealix is always the first among lead providers to get quality leads through our door. I credit the quality of their leads and their excellent service with the overall success of our Internet department. We use all of Dealix’s products. If you want the fast track to more sales, in the most efficient way possible, you simply can’t go wrong with Dealix leads.
Ameer Watkins
Internet Sales Manager
Volve of the Triad
The Dealix model of charging on a pay-for-performance basis provides dealers a valuable, much needed choice from the classified advertising model, and by qualifying each lead, lets the dealer effectively measure their return of investment.
David Kain
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In today's tough economic times, competition is fierce, and time is everything when it comes to responding to Internet customers’ requests. The enhanced Dealix platform addresses pain points we have had with other providers in getting us leads quickly.
Manuel Souza
Sales Director
Anderson Honda
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Providing a superior car buying experience for visitors to AOL Autos is of paramount importance to us. We feel that Dealix has both a large network of participating dealers who will respond to our audience’s inquiries and the technology to deliver a fast, efficient process. We look forward to a very successful collaboration with Dealix.
Rudi Thun
General Manager
AOL Autos
Dealix has been a great addition to our advertising mix. The Dealix Quality Pledge provides us with reassurance that we are always receiving quality leads and a true return on our investment. Our internet department traffic has increased substantially since adding Dealix and, more importantly, so have our sales. Thanks to the Dealix Support Team for always being readily available when needed!
Connie Lothian
Marketing Director
H Greg Auto Auction
The Hassle Free Lead Return™ is an excellent program, although we really haven't had to use it that often. Dealix has always been far above the competition. But with this guarantee? That puts them way above the others.
Ricky Lopez
Internet Director
Greenway Dodge
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With the new PrecisionTargeting™ product by Dealix, I am able to customize my territory and target only the areas I want to. This type of customization is what we have been waiting for at our dealership.
Robert Gilmore
Internet Director
Crain Automotive Group
A company that holds itself accountable for delivering only high quality products to its customers is a company worth doing business with.
George Nations
Internet Sales Manager
Gary Mathews Motors
We have been using Dealix leads for several years. As a source for third party leads, we have found Dealix is able to offer us the most for bang for the buck.
John M. Bobo
Internet Sales Manager
Freedom Toyota